For over 50 years, Head Start has functioned as a 2-generation antipoverty program providing opportunities to develop self confidence and basic skills for future success for over 20 million children and their families nationwide. Head Start provides a comprehensive program of health, early childhood education, parent engagement, family and parenting education and services and services for children with disabilities, all of which are coordinated with community based service systems. Early Head Start programs also include services to income-eligible families with infants and toddlers, and pregnant women.

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General Information 

Head Start programs in Oklahoma are administered locally by Community Action agencies, private nonprofit agencies,  American Indian Tribes, and school districts.

Head Start Programs of Oklahoma 

Head Start Programs are located throughout the state of Oklahoma for eligible families.


Funding comes from federal and state and local sources which are awarded to local public or private or for-profit entities.

Building Blocks

The Building Blocks section outlines the many different services that make up the Head Start program. These services are the foundation of Head Start.

State Coordination

Through a state-funded Head Start Coordination program, Oklahoma Association of Community Action Agencies provides technical assistance and training on program standards to Oklahoma’s Head Start grantees. A five-year federally-funded Head Start State Collaboration project has focused on efforts to provide low-income children access to comprehensive services, encourage collaborative efforts, and promote Head Start involvement in development of state plans and policies.

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